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Paytm UPI cashback Offer | Get 30 cashback on doing 20 upi Transfer from paytm & Get Rs 250 Cashback on doing 5 UPI Transfer

Paytm upi cashback offer

Paytm upi cashback offer

Paytm UPI cashback Offer | Get 30 paytm upi cashback offer from paytm upi offer doing 20 upi  transfer & Get Rs 250 Cashback on doing 5 UPI Transfer of Rs 5000 each (3 Times per user). Now Do your First UPI transaction of Rs 20 or more to active this offer & now do second of Rs. 5,000 or more to Activate this paytm upi cashback offer.

Get Free Rs.30 Cashback From PayTM UPI cashback Offer :

Note – Read All Steps Carefully paytm Upi cashback offer…

1. First of all download PayTM or Update app from here. : Download

2. Login using your KYC Verified Account in PayTM.

3. Go to Menu and choose paytm upi Cashback Offers.

4. Open offer saying Rs.30 on Doing 20 Transaction – 20 pe 30 paytm UPI cashback Offer.

5. Now Load Rs. atlst 20 in your Paytm Upi linked Bank Account. Ignore If You Already Have In Bank Account Linked With @PayTM UPI

6. Go back to Cashback Offer and start using this paytm upi offer.

7. Do your 1st Transaction worth Rs.20. (Send the Rs.20 to UPI which has not same account as Paytm Upi)

## You Can Send Rs.20 On Your Other UPI Address In PhonePe or Tez

8. Now you will able to unlock the PayTM 20 Pe 30 paytm UPI cashback Offer.

9. Keep Continuing 19 more transaction Worth Rs.20 Eac same way using Paytm Upi.

For Safety, Send Rs.20 To Different UPI Addresses

10. After doing transactions you will get time to time notification of you have x transaction left to get Rs.20 Cashback.

11. Now after doing 19 Transaction of ₹20 In Same Bank But In Different UPIs you will get Rs.20 Instantly in your Paytm.

12. Enjoy this loot! paytm upi cashback offer.

Terms & Conditions :paytm upi cashback offers

How to Get Rs. 250 Cashback on Payment via UPI:

1. Visit Paytm

2. Now goto Menu and click on “paytm upi Cashback Offers“.

3. Open Paytm “5 Pe 50 paytm UPI cashback Offer” Get guaranteed ₹250 cashback by making 5 money transfers using Paytm UPI address within 3 months.

4. Make sure you have Rs 5000 in your @Paytm upi linked bank account.

5. Now Again Goto “paytm upi Cashback Offers” and Start the offer.

6. Do your 1st Transaction of ₹5000. Send the ₹5000 to upi id which has same account as Paytm Upi.

7. After your first money transfer using Paytm upi address through Paytm App, you will get an SMS and Push notification to claim Rs. 50 cashback on your first upi transaction or participate in “5 pe 250 UPI Offer” cashback offer to get Rs. 250

Note : Please don’t claim Rs 50 cashback upi offer else you will not be eligible for 5 Pe 50 UPI Offer.

8. Now you will unlock the paytm upi cashback offer of ₹250.

9. Now Complete your 5 Transactions of Rs 5000 each to different UPI Address to recieve Rs 250 Cashback instantly in your Paytm wallet.

10. You can avail this offer 2 more time. We will update this Post with more details soon.

Terms & Conditions:-paytm upi cashback offer.

Payment Method & Final Words..

is very Tough About Payment, your cahback offer will be cradit in account next day,,, So Dont Worry About Payment.

So Guys This paytm upi cashback offer 100% Working Best paying Site You can now get paytm cash…We Tested It and Found Working Superbly even We got a Vouchers Worth Rs.9000 Till Now..
read-click paytm offer

share this-paytm upi cashback Offer Valid till 31th August.

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